Simple, cash-free charging

Integrated into the e-charging app and the text payment system from ChargeIT, the Charge service enables payment at more than 2000 charging points owned by Stromnetz Hamburg, chargeIT and other partners, with no need to register.

Benefits for charging station operators

  • Can be used anywhere, including internationally.
  • Enhances customer service and customer satisfaction.
  • Invoicing via sunhill technologies: noticeably reduced workload in billing and cash management.
  • Existing platform: payment with travipay Charge is already compatible with a large number of charging station manufacturers.

Benefits for owners of electric vehicles

  • Cashless payment: a mobile or smartphone is all it takes – no need for cash or other forms of payment.
  • No registration: the service is available now for all mobile phones. Billing via mobile phone bill or pay-as-you-go credit.

Payment via text or app

Send a text message – the plug opens and charging can begin. Done! Convenient billing via mobile phone bill – with no prior registration. The function can also be provided as a smartphone app. You can find information on the reference project with Stromnetz Hamburg here.

Convenient receipt download

This makes it easy to access, download and print the payment transactions conducted. You also have access to a quick overview of your charging sessions at all times. Please register here to download your receipts.
Registered users can also access further payment options, such as SEPA direct debit and credit card.

Web portal and real full service

The charging station operators receive a web portal in which all payment transactions can be viewed, analysed and checked in real time. This is joined by real full service: support via telephone and email (B2B and B2C), 24/7 system monitoring and an experienced team at your side in ongoing operations and when it comes to implementation.

Any questions?

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